Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World's easiest meat recipe, a.k.a. No, need to do this (special emphasis on sheep)

Meat is awesome. You knew that. Coconut milk is also awesome. It has medium-chain fatty acids that are the bomb. It has an amino acid that you otherwise could only get from human breast milk. Combine meat, coconut milk and curry paste in a crockpot, and oh wowzers.... Make that meat grassfed lamb and your wife may say to you what mine said to me, "I figured the lamb must be delicious because I heard you making orgasmic-y noises in the kitchen while checking the crockpot."


World's Easiest Meat Recipe

--Bigass slab o'meat, preferably grassfed, but you knew that. Using the cheapest, crappiest cut is fine. In fact, unless you have the resources of Bill Gates, I recommend it. You are gonna cook it so long that it could have the pliability of a Louisville Slugger when you start and it'll still come out buttery awesome.
--One can coconut milk. Buy the clean stuff.
--One small (4 ouncer from Thai Kitchen is clean and delicious and perfect-sized) curry paste (red or green...your choice. I like red better).

Do this:

--Heat up the coconut milk in a pan with the curry paste. It'll lose the chunkiness as you stir it.
--When the contents of the pan are silky smooth (this takes, more or less, like three minutes at most), put hunk o' meat in crockpot.
--Dump smooth silky saucy coconutty curry over it.
--Cook for 12 hours on low.
--Enjoy the awesomeness, preferably with vegetables that you cooked separately.

There is only one way to go wrong here and that is if you are an impatient little turd and cut short the cooking process. Buttery awesomeness -- the ultimate goal here-- can only be achieved by cooking the living bejeezus out of the meat, slowly.

And....if you want it all to be double extra perfect, use a lamb roast. I just did, for the first time, and it is several amazing levels better than usual.

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