Monday, October 24, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 16

We did the "filthy fifty" today at the gym. I am not a fan. So let's talk food....

I cooked about five pounds of grassfed beef overnight for 12 hours in the crockpot in an organic Thai beef stock that I got at Wegmans. The stock was clean, except for white wine, so before I used it I texted the powers that be at the gym and got the answer I expected -- it's fine; there is no gluten (unlike if you cooked with beer, for instance) and the meager amount of alcohol cooks right off.


Woke up this morning and had some coffee and a bowl of heated-up frozen cherries with some heavy cream. I have to admit that after two weeks, I am missing my pre-workout protein shake with coffee and heavy cream. The fruit is ok but I am not getting quite the same bang for the buck at the gym out of it.

Breakfast was eggs, the end of the curried ground beef and veggies and some hunks of the new Thai beef, plus sweet potatoes. Added a little guacamole too. More coffee, more heavy cream.

Lunch: Thai beef, greens, sweet potatoes, guacamole.

Late afternoon: more coffee. Some almonds. A little grassfed cheese. Some blueberries. What the hell? That is a lot of snacking, but I guess the workout this morning brought an unexpected appearance from Mr. Hunger.

Went out and bought a fairly ridiculous "costume" for our gym's "Halloween" workout this Saturday. Then had dinner at Chipotle with Jamie: a pretty predictable salad of guacamole, barbacoa, lettuce, onions, peppers and salsa.

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