Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 3

We'll call today's theme: "sweet potatoes."

Woke up and ate some sweet potatoes that were cooked overnight in the crockpot in the coconut milk/curry that was left over from cooking the Thai beef yesterday, plus some of the sweet potato/apple combo that I cooked yesterday.

Took a two-mile walk with Jamie and the dogs (no CrossFit today),
then had a breakfast of: a few more hunks of sweet potato/apples and then three-egg omelet with spinach, bacon, and grassfed Dubliner cheese. Also had two cups of coffee before work, both with heavy cream. Wheeeee...I love caffeine.

Lunch: Thai coconut/curry beef, greens, guacamole, sweet potato. Yes, I put guacamole on Thai food. Sue me.

Snack: more sweet potatoes/apples.

Another snack: some grassfed cheese and some roasted almonds.

Dinner: greens sautéed in grassfed butter and spices plus andouille sausage on the grill.

I'll add onto this if I eat more, but, damn, that was a lot of food today... a lot of really great food.

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