Sunday, October 9, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 1.

Breakfast: three eggs, broccoli, Dubliner cheese, bacon, in a giant, beautiful skillet-y slurry.

Lunch: greens and spinach with guacamole and wild-caught salmon.

After playing some volleyball: a bigass salad from Chipotle containing white rice, shredded beef, salsa, guacamole, onions, peppers and lettuce. (You might sense a guacamole theme here).

Dinner: pork/garlic/herb sausage and asparagus on the grill plus some crazy great organic sauerkraut from Whole Foods.

Didn't have any "snacks" today, but with four fairly colossal meals there wasn't much need for that sort of thing. Eat like a predator, not a prey.

Beverages, over the day: coffee (with heavy cream), water, seltzer.

This blogging thing is, pretty clearly, gonna get dull really fast. Guacamole is, kind of obviously, my condiment of choice. Breakfast, you will soon see, is usually meat, veggies and eggs with either grassfed cheese or guac. Lunch is usually a salad with meat and guac. Dinner is meat and veggies, and yeah, sometimes guac too.

This really isn't rocket science. About the only thing I'm really going to miss for this month is the whisky and/or wine. I bought two bottles of single-malt whisky (Highland Park and Laphroaig, if you care) at the duty-free store at the Munich airport on Friday. As soon as I got home, I hid them in a closet so I don't have to look at them for the next month.

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