Thursday, October 27, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 19.

If somehow this particular post is the first one of my 30-day-challenge posts that you are reading, fergodsakes start with another one. Today was, from a paleo/nutritional perspective, a little, er, carb-heavy. You'd swear I deadlifted.

We'll blame those sweet potatoes and apples. Jesus, they were delicious.

Breakfast: just a few sweet potatoes/apples followed by eggs scrambled with leftover paleo meatloaf, broccoli and spinach. Coffee. Black.

I was working from home today. Damn sweet potatoes began their snacky siren song at about 10:30 a.m. Now, I knew enough not just to eat a crapload of carbs by themselves, so I tossed in some paleo meatloaf. We will call that Snack #1.

Lunch: That Amazing Lamb, once again, over greens.

Took a short break from work and beat the hell out of the drum kit.

This made me hungry. Do you hear that? Calling me from the fridge?

Snack#2: exactly the same as Snack #1.

Dinner: the sad end of That Amazing Lamb, mixed with some paleo meatloaf (really), with spinach, and reheated all together in a skillet, with, just to relive last night, a fried egg dropped on top. Then, just to make sure I ate enough carbs today to kill the average person, I had some frozen peaches, heated up in the microwave.

The good part about today: no actual cheating on the challenge occurred, but I am going to try not to replicate this level of fruit/carb intake for a while.

The better part about today: Robb Effing Wolf tweeted my Raynaud's post. Really. Nice, huh?

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