Friday, October 14, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 6

Last night after band practice: ate a banana and some almonds when I got home.

Today is a rest day from all forms of activity. I need it. Band practice kicks the crap out of my upper body.

Breakfast: three eggs scrambled with broccoli and bacon, plus a bit of Dubliner (grassfed) cheese. Originality is not my forte when I am in a rush to get out the door to an appointment. Coffee with heavy cream too.

One lemon Larabar. I usually don't get hungry between breakfast and lunch, but I think breakfast was too light on meat, hence the Larabar.

Black iced coffee from Saxby's. I could have been "that guy" who asks for the heavy-cream stash from behind the counter, but it wouldn't have been grassfed, so I passed on that.

A small nutritional tangent: by and large, I agree with Dr. Kurt Harris that heavy cream is an item for which it is slightly less important for it to come from grassfed sources. The reason? Most of us use so little of it that if the omega 3 to 6 ratio is less than optimal (i.e., too high in the 6s) it's not really a big deal. But for the sake of the challenge, I went all orthodox/hardcore and passed up the hc this time. This month, all my cheese, cream and butter comes from grassfed sources only.

Lunch (on the road): there's a Wegmans near where I had to go this morning, so I stopped in and bought seven ounces of already-packaged, grassfed roast beef and some olives and tomatoes at the "Mediterranean bar," and that was lunch. This lunch was a bit light in the carb department, I suppose, but nicely represented on the protein and good-fat side of things. Wegmans is awesome.

Got home from work and ate a few almonds and some grassfed cheese. Then decided I was still hungry so I had some frozen peaches microwaved to melt 'em a little. In light of breakfast today, I guess that snack might be a bit much on the cheese front, but it's Friday, in the middle of a primal challenge. The fact that there won't be any alcoholic beverages imbibed tonight is still a nutritional improvement from the typical Friday. So really, what's a little extra (really good) cheese, hmmm?

Dinner: grassfed steaks and asparagus on the grill. Shocker: I used some guacamole to liven things up. And then I had some blueberries for dessert.

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