Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 10

Day 10! Wow. How'd that happen?

I am posting this at 9 a.m., post-breakfast, in anticipation of what I plan to eat.... Planning is everything. If there is more, or a change, I will add it later, but I am going full-throttle in multiple directions all day today until way into the evening, so now is the only time I will have to blog it.

5:30 a.m, pre-workout: bowl of almond butter and frozen blueberries heated in microwave. So good. Coffee with heavy cream.

Breakfast: I get home from my favorite CrossFit workout ("Helen") to find Jamie has made breakfast. Nice. Bacon with eggs and broccoli done in the bacon fat. Really nice. More coffee. More heavy cream. More awesomeness.

Lunch: no one else here will eat liver, so I am still making my way through this liver/beef/veggie combo, over greens with guacamole. Obviously, I am capable of eating the same thing over and over (guacamole, anyone?) but, I have to admit, I am getting a wee bit tired of this particular liver-y blend.

Dinner: Chipotle salad with guacamole (No! Say it isn't so!), a meat to be chosen at the time, maybe even double meat (mmmmm, double meat), ok definitely double meat, salsa, onions and peppers.

Sometime this afternoon, I am sure I will have some coffee. Black.

Postscript: this all happened as planned, except, starving after this morning's CrossFit workout, and having eaten too little meat at breakfast, I tore into a Steve's Original Paleo Kit (size:large) at 10:45 a.m. Wowzers. I wasn't hungry for lunch until 2 p.m. Oh, and the meat to be chosen at a later time at Chipotle was: barbacoa. Double size. Double awesome.

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