Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 18

It really has been the month of sweet potatoes, and there are more waiting in the kitchen to be cooked. The wonders of belonging to a local organic CSA....

I have been fighting off/with a cold that desperately wants to get jiggy with me and lodge itself in my sinuses, thereby becoming a full-blown bacterial infection. Fortunately, Mucinex is an effing wonder drug for preventing exactly that from happening, so I started taking it last night. I also realized that until I kick this cold to the curb, I need to shitcan the dairy. Despite all its grassfed fatty goodness, it is not sitting with me well while I am a snot factory. So, until these symptoms go away, I am going to have to get my fat from more traditional paleo sources. I like to think this strategy may enhance the effectiveness of the Mucinex, as well.

Let's talk about food.

Breakfast: I came downstairs to an absolutely overpowering blast of coconut-milk-curried-lamb goodness filling the whole first floor. 12 hours of That Amazing Meat Recipe (special lamb division) had, once again, spread its awesomeness everywhere, but lamb adds something extra to the mix. So I stuffed a couple hunks of that into my mouth, made those noises referenced in the last post, and proceeded to make/eat: eggs scrambled with sweet potatoes, the end of the Thai beef, and spinach. Plus, coffee. Black. Two cups. I may have also stuffed some more lamb into my gaping maw while preparing/packing my lunch. OK, forget "may." I did.

Lunch: That Amazing Lamb over spinach/greens with guacamole. A boatload of it. Oh, and an apple.

Coffee. DD medium. Black.

I don't mind black coffee at all. Sometimes I actually like it better taste-wise than with heavy cream, except for that amazing accelerate-the-caffeine effect that heavy cream has. I am missing *that* today, especially in my ass-dragging state thanks to sleep interrupted last night by several coughing fits. But the health effects today of my self-imposed brief heavy-cream moratorium have been pretty good. Heavy cream: sometimes it's good for you; sometimes it's snot.

Enough of that. Back to the food.

Dinner: I am writing this pre-dinner. So if we call an audible, I will edit later, but here is what I expect to eat: leftover paleo meatloaf, more of That Amazing Lamb, broccoli, spinach. The lamb is dripping with coconut-milk/curry sauce. I am hungry just thinking about it.

Postscript.... We never got to the paleo meatloaf leftovers because lamb, broccoli and spinach topped by a fried egg was dinner. Then I put three big pans of sweet potatoes and Granny Smith apples into the oven. Epic.

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