Sunday, October 30, 2011

A quick thought about "paleo making you more sensitive to gluten."

I have occasionally heard a complaint that eating primal/paleo seems to make a person *more* sensitive to gluten. You stay away from it long enough that a blast of gluten hits you harder than it ever did back in the fat/flabby/insulin-resistant/pre-paleo days. And, for some reason, this concerns some of us?

Try this on for size: a pack-a-day smoker lives it up one day and smokes two packs. He doesn't really feel much different. On the other hand, a non-smoker (or, if you like, a long-ago former smoker) smokes a single cigarette and feels like fermented ass. Would this lead you, the non-smoker, to the conclusion that maybe you should smoke more often?

See, I knew you'd get it.

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