Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I find that when I get hungry in the morning between breakfast and lunch, I can almost always look to one culprit: I didn't eat enough at breakfast (duh), but specifically I didn't eat enough meat because, other than eggs, I relied on bacon as the primary protein source. If you look at my food log, you may see that I have made this mistake more than once recently.

Bacon is delicious. Bacon is awesome. Bacon inspires great art (I may have made this part up) and can cause a person to commit philosophy. Sometimes you love it so much you have contemplated naming one of your children (or pets) Bacon (or Baconita). But, really, look at the nutrition facts. It's a paltry amount of actual protein in your bacon. Use it to flavor something that already has enough protein, but if you use it as a stand-alone protein source, or even with eggs, but no other animal protein, you may find Mr. Hunger paying you an early visit.

Mr. Hunger is the enemy of the successful 30-day challenge. Do not fight him armed only with bacon.

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  1. Interesting... I had bacon w/ eggs, guacamole and spinach for breakfast and was wondering why I was really hungry within 3 hours. Good to know.