Monday, October 10, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 2

5:30 a.m., pre-workout: frozen cherries and almond butter, heated up in microwave.

Breakfast: three eggs, leftover sausage, broccoli, guacamole.

Lunch (on the road): bigass Chipotle salad with carnitas, salsa, guacamole, onions, peppers, lettuce and white rice.

1 cherry Larabar.

Dinner: Thai coconut-milk/curry beef and spinach. (Beef cooked for 12 hours in crock pot with 1 can coconut milk and 1 small jar of red curry paste).

Beverages over the course of day: coffee (both black and with heavy cream), water, seltzer.

Currently in crock pot overnight: sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced, in the leftover beefy coconut milk/curry sauce.

Just cooked in the oven: sweet potatoes and apples. Note to self: use cooking apples next time. These ones kind of melted. Whatever.

Postscript: I couldn't resist....20 minutes after getting those sweet potatoes and apples out of the oven, I dove in and had a few. Not the best eating plan to jam in carbs just before bed like that. The score: deliciousness (but still within the parameters of the challenge) 1 - good sense 0.

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