Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 4

5:30 a.m., pre-workout: almond butter and blueberries, microwaved. Coffee with heavy cream.

8 a.m. Post workout immediate-stuff-into-my-mouth nomnomnom: pile of those sweet potatoes and apples from the other night.

Breakfast, half an hour later (hint: breakfast usually equals leftover dinner plus eggs): leftover andouille sausage plus three eggs and spinach. Oh yeah....and guacamole (there's a surprise). More coffee with heavy cream.

Lunch: salad containing mixed greens, one can of salmon (ingredients: wild Alaskan salmon and salt...that's it), coconut/curry sweet potatoes and guacamole.

Snack: Larabar (coconut cream...awesome).
Snack: sweet potato/apples. Yes, again. Oh, and some almonds, and a bit of Dubliner cheese. Yeah, we deadlifted today at CrossFit. I am effing hungry.

I may have to found "Guacamole and Sweet Potatoes Anonymous" soon. (Me: "Hi, I'm Steve." Group: "HI, STEVE!!!" Me: "It's hard to admit you have a guacamole problem, but I found myself speedballing guac and sweet potatoes yesterday in an alley behind Wegmans, and, well, here I am...." Group: "IT'S OK, STEVE!!!!" ....etc.)

Dinner: grassfed ground beef stir-fried with onions, peppers, garlic, asparagus and spices. Made it with four pounds of beef, so, even with the teenage son here for dinner, we will have leftovers.

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