Thursday, October 13, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 5

No exercise this morning. we have band practice tonight. Two hours of drumming is exercise enough for today.

Breakfast: bacon/broccoli/spinach/eggs scrambled. A little guac mixed in. Coffee with heavy cream.

Drank black coffee and a bottle of water at a meeting this morning while others jammed bagels and donuts into their mouths.

Lunch: last night's dinner (grass fed ground beef, veggies, spices), plus some of those coconut-milk sweet potatoes, all over greens with guacamole. One apple.

Dinner: liver, ground beef and chipped beef (about a pound of each), all grassfed, cooked in a frying pan with cumin and chipotle plus onions and red peppers, and, yes, a little guacamole. Lots of leftovers. I keep reading about the importance of eating offal sometimes if you want to get the full range of nutrients from your grassfed cow. It's good this way mixed with the beef -- keeps the liver-y stank down to a minimum, and is yet another opportunity to get some guacamole into my life.

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