Monday, October 31, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 23

Lemme guess.... Your Monday began with some vague griping about the day of the week, work, the weather, the boss. Mine began with checking the website and finding out we were deadlifting today. More reasons why CrossFit makes you happy. There is no lift so joyful as the brutal simplicity of the deadlift.

We did a weird rep pattern, though: 8,6,4,2. I got 315 pounds for four reps, but failed at 365 for two. I shouldn't be too bummed out about that. 365 is my current one-rep max. Frankly, with the end of a cold still bugging me and slightly less than perfect sleep last night, I shouldn't have been so bold.

Live and learn.

Woke up to the smell of a four-pound lamb roast in the crockpot in coconut curry milk.

Pre-workout: blueberries and almond butter. Black coffee.

Immediate post-workout: coconut water, a little sweet potatoes and apples. Sadly, it's the end of that combo until I make more.

Breakfast: the last two nights' dinner over eggs, plus bacon.

Lunch: The crockpot lamb, over greens, with sauerkraut. There was nothing short of amazing about this.

One pecan Larabar. Some almonds. A little grassfed cheese.

Dinner (pictured below): crockpot lamb, asparagus, butternut squash, acorn squash. Both squashes are flavored with cinnamon, grassfed butter, nutmeg and cloves. Jamie made this. Jamie rules.

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