Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Paleo Drummer Facebook page, maybe some T-shirts and gratuitous Black Sabbath references

I have a lot of blog traffic these days, ever-increasing it seems, for which I am grateful to you, the reader. Strangely, the number of "likes" on my Facebook page creeps forward at a glacial pace. (Hint: glaciers are slow, slower than even your alcoholic friend Bob, weighted down with chips and 12-packs of Keystone Light).

If you enjoy the sort of, um, "wisdom" that spouts forth from my brain on these pages, even more of the same sort of nonsense can be found over there.

Think of hitting that "like" button as a big, utterly painless virtual hug to someone you probably didn't want to hug anyway, but who will really appreciate it. And no, I won't try to "friend" you, stalk you or otherwise have non-paleo-drummer encounters with you.

*And* I make it absurdly easy for you by giving you the widget at the top of that column over there ------------------>>>>>

Oh, and thanks to the person who gave me the Paleo Drummer T-shirt idea. I like it. I like it a lot, actually. I like it even better when I think about doing a "100% of profits go to charity" deal on them. But the design can't just be OK, meh, etc. It needs to be The First Four Black Sabbath Albums of T-shirts.

("Why is it called El NiƱo? That means 'the child.' So the weather person wants you to be scared that a child is about to affect the weather. They need to rename it 'The First Four Black Sabbath Albums.' If you heard *that* was part of your weather pattern, you'd wake right the hell up and pay attention." -- Henry Rollins (paraphrased from memory))

So this T-shirt idea may take a little time. There is only one absolute guarantee so far: the first run will be black. Probably the second run too....

But back to that FB page for a moment.... Go like the thing, please?


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