Sunday, June 2, 2013

A lot of paleo recipes, collected for you in one place

Everyone seems to want recipes. I kinda hate recipes because I am lazy in the kitchen and my version of "cooking" is: "Cook meat in frying pan in either its own fat or a little added butter, add spices, add veggies, cook more and we call that a meal."

But you are all more clever than that, so you want recipes.

My "recipes," as you will learn, are pretty simple. They are barely "recipes" at all... More like "good ideas." But they do have one thing going for them, though: they are freaking delicious, reliable and easy.

Ok, that's three things.

They are also sometimes my creation and sometimes borrowed from others, to whom (I think) I usually give credit.

Here are a bunch of them collected for you in one place. Now go cook.

World's easiest crockpot meat recipe. Beware: your life may change.

Brisket (or any roast) in a crockpot with cumin/coffee/cocoa rub.

Osso bucco.

Garlic/mango lamb ribs.

How to cook plantains to change your life.

Lamb burgers.

Czech meatballs, but you'll have to buy the book.

Sausage and kale (or collards or chard).

Bone broth.

Beef-liver pâté (with bacon! if you want) that tastes like liverwurst, not liver.

Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof green tea.

Paleo "ice cream."

Beef tongue, in a crockpot. Don't be a baby. It's amazing.

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