Friday, June 28, 2013

30 days to freedom

I did fun stuff last night, specifically recording an episode of the Primal Balance podcast with the very talented Kendall Kendrick. As I told her at the start of the show, she has a cool thing going with this podcast, blending her skills as a radio host (in a past life) with her current NTP/ ancestral-health perspective. I am hoping the conversation is half as fun to listen to as it was to record.

The episode "airs" on iTunes on Monday July 1.

But I'll blab at you later about casting that pod. I have another agenda of sorts right now.

Kendall had this idea. Or I had the idea, and she liked it. Or it was her idea and I stole it. I don't know.... But one way or the other we decided that because I have been chewing your collective ears off over the topic of meditation lately, and because we are all walking, living, breathing stressballs of doom, we should do a sort of meditation-based 30-day "challenge."

You know... Like a Whole 30. But for your mind.

I'm down with that. But, really, the "challenge" is all individual. There are no prizes, except the reward of feeling better than you do now. It's not a competition and you should leave your expectations at the door.

So here's the deal: Monday is July 1. Starting then, for 30 days, you meditate at least once a day for 15 minutes. That's it. Sit the hell down, shut up, and stare at a wall. Empty that mind. Fix yo' head. Be better. At everything.

And, because it isn't a competition, just a way to improve your life, we want to hear your "stories" about how it's going, so post your thoughts in the comments here, or on my Facebook page, or on Kendall's Primal Balance FB page. Wherever.... Just tell us how it's going.

But you know what? Despite my penchant for self-deprecation, I'll urge you to actually listen to that podcast when it comes out, because, man, we hit on all the pluses, and all the potential hard work, of stress reduction through meditation. As I believe I said at some point, "It's simple. But it's not easy."

Finally, if somehow you have missed out in the past, you can go here, here and here if you need a little primer on what all this meditation stuff is really about.

Do it. Your brain will thank you. You have no idea how busy your mind is, in all the wrong ways.

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  1. I listened to the podcast today, and decided that it was the Universe telling me to do a 30-day meditation challenge, since I began a clean Paleo 30-day challenge today. I have meditated and used self-hypnosis before, but haven't practiced in a while.

    Thank you.

  2. Cool. That's great. Feel free to report back on the FB page with tales of awesomeness, regret, or anything in between.