Monday, April 23, 2012

Ten things. That's it.

Hmmm, there appears to be a small amount of confusion in our gym regarding what food is cool for the 30-day paleo challenge and what is not.

Rather than spout 1000 paleo rules at you, I just want you to think: "I can eat/drink ten things."

Not eleven. Not 35. Ten. They are:
1. Animal protein/fat (meat, fish, eggs, grassfed butter (e.g., Kerrygold) and ghee... no other dairy)
2. Veggies (sweet and white potatoes are OK, but and corn is a grain, not a veggie)
3. Fruit, including the oil/milk from coconuts, the oil from olives and vinegars of all types.
4. Any spice you want
5. Nuts, but not peanuts
6. Seeds
7. Coffee
8. Tea
9. Water
10. Seltzer.

Hint: if you aren't sure whether a food is OK, check the "ten things" list. As sad as that may make you, the answer should be clear.

An example: Ben and Jerry's double-chocolate, low-carb health-bomb ice cream. No.

A peach. Yes.

This was easy, right?

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  1. So I can't have a fluffernutter sandwich on sprouted whole wheat bread? Dang.