Monday, January 21, 2013

Tommie Copper update, thanks to the mailbag

A reader asked for a Tommie Copper update. Here you go: I still like my TC elbow sleeves a lot. I *have* changed the way that I use them, though.

Because they are a lighter form of compression than most standard sleeves, you can use them many hours a day. I have found, as I am closing in on ten months since surgery that I don't really need them during the day, unless I am working out, in which case I tend to want something a little more hardcore, like a more standard-issue sleeve (mine is a silver/black Adidas one; my volleyball captain (totally serious): "Did you wrap duct tape around your right arm for a reason?")

But I still wear the TC sleeve to sleep in. In fact, I will often put one on my left elbow as well (a mighty sexy bedtime image, I know; try to stay calm, ladies) because that can get a little banged up in the drumming/CrossFit/volleyball-inspired world of arthritis in which I reside. And if I forget to wear the sleeve(s), I wake up with what I can only describe as a thick, chunky feeling in my right arm (and sometimes my left). Wear the sleeve(s) and all that goes away (mostly, anyway).

So yeah, I am still sold on TC. It was a great post-surgery pickup, and is still helping me out to this day. Get some.

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