Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paleo FX 2014: bigger, better and hey! I'm on a panel!

Last year, I went to the Paleo FX conference in Austin, Texas. I had a blast (paradoxically eating more off-the-map food in a few days than I normally do in a few months.... mmmm chocolate bourbon pecan pie at the 24 Diner). I learned a lot, and -- despite said gastronomical diversions -- I returned home more committed than ever to this lifestyle.

This year, from April 10-13, I am headed back to Austin for Paleo FX 2014.

It's bigger (more stages) and better (more smart speakers, something like ten NYT best-selling authors!) and I'm actually there to participate this time, not just hang in the background while learning a lot.

You may recall that Kendall Kendrick from Primal Balance asked me last year to be a guest on her podcast. It was great fun, and her followup to my podcast appearance was to offer me a spot on a "mastermind panel" at PFX this year.

Of course I jumped at the chance.

I believe my exact response when she first asked was: "That sounds vaguely terrifying. But sure. And thanks!"

The terror has long since subsided, and now I am just excited to do this thing. On the panel -- beside me and Kendall -- are Darryl Edwards, Dr. Daniel Stickler and Kyle Maynard. And the whole thing is moderated by Tony Federico.

It's an impressive, inspiring group of people that I get to share the stage with, and I couldn't be more honored to participate. The panel is called "Beyond Food," and our focus is on all the other things a paleo person can do, other than paleo eating, to maximize his or her health and wellbeing. Unsurprisingly (at least for anyone who hangs out here), my focus will be on the positive, quieting and life-changing aspects of regular meditation.

As of the date that I am posting this, the official schedule is not out yet, but I will update the post as soon as we get the official word on the date and time of our panel. UPDATE: we are on the "cooking demo" stage at 1:35 p.m. on Sunday!

I am really looking forward to this experience, along with meeting a lot more of you paleo folks. Last year, I put a lid on my usual conversational/social self and concentrated on learning as much as possible. I left PFX thrilled, inspired, full of great Austin food, and... sworn to be more social next time.

Next time is almost here. If you are going to the conference, make sure to say hi. Let's hang out, shoot the proverbial shit and enjoy some great food and drink. This will be fun.

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