Sunday, February 8, 2015

Once you clean things up, it's pretty f*%^ing simple

I saw this post from PaleOMG and thought, "Yes!"

I'm all about eating (and living) in a way that makes sense for that moment and that day. The last two days I worked hard at the gym. Lots of deadlifts, squats, some rowing, metcon work, etc. So I needed (and ate) carbs -- clean paleo carbs, but lots of them. (It's possible that I altered my DNA to partly become a sweet potato -- covered in cinnamon, of course).  And I ate lots of protein too. Maybe more delicious animal protein than I actually needed, but we were at the best BBQ place in Philly at the time. Oh, and butterscotch pudding, because whatever, dude.... I wanted it. Eat whatever you want.

Today's not going to be all that active -- a little volunteer work at the local dog shelter walking some pooches, probably a long dog walk with our pack too. That's about it. So I'm not going to be stuffing in the carbs like I did the last two days. Right now, breakfast is going to be some sardines, some pastured bacon, a few eggs and some raw sauerkraut. Super low carb... because it feels right today. Super delicious because hell yes.

Remember: Whole 30s and challenges and all that are great, if you use them to clean up, detox and figure out how to eat day-to-day. But fuck food neurosis and rules for the sake of rules over the long haul. Figure it out. Go with it. Breathe deep. Enjoy life.

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