Saturday, September 7, 2013

Keith Moon died 35 years ago today.

Comparing Keith Moon to other drummers isn't fair -- to Keith Moon or to other drummers. He played  unlike anyone else. There was rarely a "pocket" -- the absence of which would sound the death knell for any other drummer -- but somehow with Townsend, of all people, holding down the rhythm while still slashing and burning and Entwistle exploring dark caverns of the unknown that most bass players couldn't get near, Moonie was free to conduct an orchestra back there. This is my favorite Who song, from my favorite Who album. It isn't necessarily Moonie's greatest performance, but for my ears, it's close. And like most of his best stuff, it starts rather mundanely, and then goes wild. Dig.

35 years today. Four years longer than he was ever around. Fuck.  

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