Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn [to a] pro."

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
-- Hunter Thompson

"Dude, have you considered a nutritional consultation with an expert?"
-- Me

If your mechanic told you today that there is a $195 repair that your car needs or else its longevity will be seriously at risk, you wouldn't be happy, but you know what? You'd pay the money. You wouldn't even give it much thought beyond being annoyed. You would charge it if you had to, pay it off over time, pay it now, whatever.

So.... if you are are grossly overweight, diabetic, pushing (or just past) 50 years old, sleeping like crap, and completely aware that it is time to make a serious change, or else your personal longevity may no longer be an issue sometime in the next ten years when you drop stone-cold dead, *and* you have gone to the trouble to research your diet and exercise options *and* you have decided that what I and others do in the paleo/primal sphere of things is pretty damn intriguing and seems like the way to go, why in the hell does the whole concept hit a brick wall when I mention consulting a nutritional expert, who will charge you.... $195?

"Doesn't she take insurance?" "Wow, that's a lot of money." "I don't know...."

Don't be so shortsighted. This is your life, not your car, not your cable bill.

See, one of my Super Smart Nutrition Internet Pals (SSNIP) is Liz Wolfe from Cave Girl Eats. I know that Liz knows her shizz in the paleo/primal world because, well, (a) it's obvious as soon as you read her stuff or hear her on a podcast, and (b) because my wife is a client of hers who followed her recommendations to a T for dealing with an autoimmune condition, and has seen great results.

Liz is drama-free, no-bullshit and thorough, and she tailors her recommendations to the client's exact needs. For $195 she will plan out your entire nutritional life for you to get you out of whatever nutritionally-related malady from which you suffer, and you can ask her all the dumb or smart questions you want via email.

And she is one of a number of similar folks (SSNIP and otherwise) out there who do this stuff; she just happens to be the one whose work is most familiar to me (and no, I am not on the payroll/getting referral fees). So, the recommendation could be viewed more generally as: "This is serious stuff. You really need to consult with a paleo nutritional expert."

But, yet, I know a number of people who claim to be on the verge of doing big things, taking big steps, really grabbing life by the nutritional cojones for the first time in a very long time, in order to reverse some awful medical conditions, and then they freeze in their tracks when I suggest that winging paleo all by yourself can be a mighty tall order when you are already so far down the rabbit hole of bad food, and that maybe they might want to consult with Liz (or the paleo/primal nutrition person of their choice) to really get all their ducks in a row. (And yes, mixing rabbit and duck metaphors in one sentence is a capital offense in some countries).

Mind you, these are all folks that have approached me claiming that they want to eat paleo/primal to change their lives. I am not talking about the skeptics, the vegans, the non-believers. These are people who are, to use a George Clinton lyric that I have already overused in the past, "standing on the verge of getting it on."

And let's be clear: that is awesome.

Yet they clearly have a mental roadblock to shelling out $195 for top-notch expert advice. Instead, they ask me questions, and I try to give good answers, but I am not a professional. I tell you what I do, how it has been a big success for me, try to give you encouragement, etc. But some cases are more serious than others, and serious cases are when you need to see a pro.

So, huge points to any of you who are about to make a momentous, positive change in your dietary habits, but if you are in a whole lot of health trouble, that change may be more than you can handle without professional guidance. So, reach in deep and spend a little money on a nutritional consultation with some smart paleo expert. It could save your life. Literally.

Because, really.... You'd spend it on your car.

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