Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More dreaming, but of the musical variety

We have this new band project going, so embryonic that it's just two practices in and we don't even have a name yet. The idea is cool, though -- vocals, drums and two basses (one on the rhythm, one playing lead). It's all sounding like some sort of Morphine/ Massive Attack organic hybrid. And, while we want to write originals eventually, we have started with some cool covers. Most of the burden falls on that "lead" bass player to make the real magic happen. And the cool part when it works is that the covers sound uniquely "us" with the weird instrumentation configuration.

If we can figure out a way to do this one, making it swoop and dive and thunder (and adding an extra loud part toward the end, which is what it always needed), well, that'd be about perfect.
Happy Tuesday.

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