Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lamb burgers. Big, fat, wonderful lamb burgers.

I have told you previously about Melissa Joulwan's amazing recipe for Czech meatballs from her equally amazing cookbook, entitled Well Fed. Tonight, I decided to use only some of her ingredients from that recipe -- which is pork-based -- and make lamb burgers on the grill.

It went like this:

--Three pounds ground lamb (100% grassfed; hint: New Zealand lamb is always 100% grassfed)
-- 1.5 tablespoons each mustard, black pepper and caraway seeds
-- 0.75 tablespoons sea salt

Mix all ingredients together and make burger patties that are one-third to one-half a pound. (I know you can do the necessary math).

Cook them on the grill like you would any burgers, but do not, under any circumstances, squeeze the fat/juices out of them. There are two reasons for this: (1) they taste much better that way, and (2) the fat from a grassfed animal is spectacularly great for you, rich in Omega-3s.


Here they are just on the grill:

And then there is the nearly finished product:

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