Friday, July 6, 2012

Czech meatballs (but with lamb, not pork) and mashed cauliflower, both from Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed cookbook

Melissa Joulwan's cookbook is called Well Fed, and, for my money, it is the best of a lot of very good paleo cookbooks out there. Cookbooks are funny things. If the recipes are too complicated, then I am likely to never bother with them, but if they are too simple, then I will skip those too. Joulwan's seems to strike the perfect balance. She is also a former roller girl and a current Social Distortion fan, so, really, what's not to love?

You should buy it, because then you will know how to make this (also, I want you to buy her book, so I am not going to give away the recipe):

It's caraway-seed/garlic Czech pork meatballs, except I used ground lamb, not ground pork, and oh, wow, they are even better with the sheepy goodness in there. I served them over Joulwan's mashed cauliflower, which has nearly the exact consistency of mashed potatoes, thanks to both coconut oil and coconut milk.

It's like you are down at the diner -- a crazy great diner that serves lamb meatballs, mind you, but a diner nonetheless. It is delicious.

One tip: make a double batch of both. Two of us plowed through more than the recipe amount in one sitting. And use ground lamb. Ground pork can't compete with that.

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  1. I must clarify that ONE of us plowed through enough for two of us while the other one of us ate a normal size serving. In other words, Mr. Paleo Drummer ate 18 meatballs and I ate five. :)

  2. True, which is why you should make two servings. If we hadn't, there wouldn't have been any for Jamie.