Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's a veritable sausage party, I tell ya....

You may recall the wonder of the bacon-wrapped dates. Those ones have goat cheese in them. They are delicious.

But what if you are not a dairy person. What then? You could just eliminate the goat cheese, but, while undoubtedly delicious, that option seems a little dull.

Which brings us to sausage.

We learned last night, when attending a birthday party where there were a lot of Crossfitters, some of whom do not indulge in dairy, that sausage is an amazing substitute for goat cheese in this recipe/idea. We brought both, and they were popular.

So, yeah, do that. In my opinion the sausage-stuffed ones are not quite as delicious as the goat cheese ones, but it does raise an interesting prospect, as yet untried: stuffing *both* goat cheese and sausage in there.

Whoa. Someone get on that and report back immediately on the results.

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