Saturday, July 20, 2013

No. Just.... no.

It's 7:15 a.m., already 80 degrees (27 in Canadian). Humidity is 74% The dew point is 70 degrees (Canadian 21) and no, I don't know what the fuck a dew point is either, but I know that when it's over 60 it is uncomfortable. And 70 is "ridiculous" bordering on "stupid."

I just looked up today's workout. Three-rep hex-bar deadlifts for strength. Nice (although I happen to like straight-bar better, but whatever). Then... a metcon involving sprinting, box jumps and toes-to-bar that sounds great for almost any other day.

But not today.

You start sweating immediately upon walking outside. I don't know anything about global warming, but, Christ, something is going on, because I never remember summers being this completely disgusting around here. We are stuck in a godawful 90s-with-dog-choking-humidity (Canadian 32-to-38-with-caribou-choking-humidity) death spiral every single day.
My point? Do what you want, but if my 50-yr-old self does that metcon today, I will spend the rest of the day crabby as I try to rehydrate/restore adequately.

I could sweat brushing my teeth on a morning like this.

Today, deadlifts, some weighted chins on the minute for ten minutes, and maybe a few miles of walking later, are enough. Play smart.

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