Saturday, June 1, 2013

A brief public-service message for you first-time paleo challengers

I just said this to someone at the gym and on the FB, and I know I have said it here before, but I think it is really important, so....

If you are doing your first paleo challenge, don't stress about the little stuff, like whether you are eating the proper ratio of carbs, fat and protein, or whether that 23rd slice of watermelon this week is the best idea in the world, or whether grilling is the ideal way to cook your meat.

All you want to do foodwise during the challenge is eat things off the good list, while not eating things off the bad list. (Hint: the bad list is everything that isn't on the good list).That's it. We can fine-tune your paleo experience later, when you get to the end of the challenge, but, for now, keep it stupidly simple.

Oh, and eat. Stay full. Stay happy. Make sure you always have enough paleo food with you and you will cruise through this and see good changes.

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