Saturday, June 16, 2012

No whey, dude (SFH Pure Whey Protein powder)!!

I think I have made it clear already, but I will say it again: I have no nutrition credentials. I am just a guy, about to turn 50, who has adopted (and adapted) this paleo/primal lifestyle in the last couple of years, and, as a result, feels stronger, faster, sharper, etc. than when I was 40, or maybe even 35. In fact, yeah... 35. But I am always looking for those little tweaks to streamline it all a little more, so I have more days like this, and fewer like most of those other 50-year-olds have.

I have used protein powder -- mostly various forms of Muscle Milk -- over the last few years as a post-workout whack of protein, but, ever since I went full-on into this primal groove thang, I have omitted it from my life for the simple reason that there is a bunch of crap in there, particularly soy lecithin, that just seems like an inflammatory agent of death, doom and destruction. It is also from standard-issue factory, grain-fed dairy, and, well, we all know about how bad that is, right?

But... (a big but, and I will not lie)... I don't feel as good post-workout without protein powder. If I lift heavy shit, my body needs a substantial whack of protein right away, more than I can shove in any other way (whey?).

So what gives?

Here is my solution of late: SFH Pure Whey powder.

It is as "clean" a protein powder as I have seen, from grassfed cows, with no gluten, soy lecithin, evil agents of death, etc.

And here is the real kicker besides the absence of negatives: it makes me feel effing fantastic. One (or two) scoops of this about 30 minutes after a workout, and I have just ingested 25 (or 50) grams of muscle-building/repairing protein, and that "wiped out" feeling begins to leave. And then I can prepare a *real* meal full of fat, good carbs and more protein, eat it maybe 30 minutes after the powder, and be full, happy and awesome for hours. I don't recommend using this as a meal substitute, but, rather, as an ace way of ingesting a heavy volume of protein as fast as possible post-workout. It isn't replacing anything, just adding in more good stuff.

This has all has turned into a winning strategy for me over the last ten days or so.

Of course, you may have dairy, or other, issues, and your mileage may vary. But it is doing wonders for me. As always, find your own path through these things. But it is something to consider.

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