Monday, November 7, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 30

5:30 a.m., pre-workout: frozen cherries, heated in microwave, plus coconut milk. Wow.

PRd my three-rep front squat at CrossFit today, even though the rep scheme was 3x3, meaning I did that weight for three sets of three. Nice. Plus we had a bodyweight-only metcon thereafter, and I love those.

Breakfast: as I noted in another post, I didn't eat eggs today for the first time in I don't know when....well over a year, and it might be more than two years. I ate curried ground beef and cauliflower that I cooked last night, plus plantains with a little more coconut milk.

Then I had more of the curried beef/cauliflower, plus a little guacamole, for lunch.

DD black coffee, medium.

Lunch was early and dinner was late, so I ate a paleokit on the way home from work. Nice. Jerky, dried fruit and nuts.

Dinner: more of the curried beef and cauliflower with the added glory of broccoli. Had a few blueberries, but not many. Trying to stay away from fruit except pre-workout.

And that, folks, is the food-filled end of a 30-day challenge.

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