Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am more than a little confused. OK, yeah, Muammar Gaddafi is an evil turd of epic proportion, a dictator as deserving of a Tomahawk missile right to the kisser as anyone currently living. Only a hardcore pacifist would fail to smile at least a little if he were duly offed. But.... is this military action really the "right" thing to do right now? Consider these issues:

--From a manpower/raw-numbers perspective, our military is stressed beyond belief. Two simultaneous wars, at least one of which (Afghanistan) currently has no end in sight, have made it that way.

--From a money perspective, we can't afford this. The budget is busted already. Is this yet another sign that the president doesn't fully consider the financial ramifications of his decisions, or, worse yet, doesn't seem to think an absurd excess of red ink is a big deal?

--What/who replaces said evil turd when this is all over and done? Short answer: we have no idea. Be careful what you wish for. Better yet, don't light a match and toss it onto an unknown substance. Things could go boom.

--While the president's willingness to open a can of whupass on a third Islamic country ought to silence the "Obama is a Muslim" morons, is it really going to help our efforts at diplomacy anywhere? Do we improve our moral standing in the world at the conclusion of this adventure?

Really....I am more than a little confused. Muammar Gaddafi has been a criminal worthy of taking down for many years. But we have never done it. Now just doesn't seem like the time.

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