Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Day Rising

I quit Mondo Topless today. Call it a convergence of a whole lot of thoughts, but it became plainly obvious to me at last night's gig that the current state of the band was not going to survive the couple-month break that we planned on starting today. Hell, it barely survived last night, with Kris quitting before we had even packed up our gear off of the stage, and me following suit today. I won't bore (or titillate) you with the details, but suffice it to say that some of us weren't meshing with each other and, impermanence being the bus driver of life that it is, all of a sudden a giant plug with "pull me" written on it appeared in the sky and we couldn't resist its siren song, so we yanked on it and out from the wall it popped.

The musical future looks reasonably bright, though. The phrase "bad-ass power trio" comes to mind, and, hell, I've always wanted to be in one of those anyway. Cream without the wankery and with more than a touch of Stooges/MC5/Sonic's-Rendevous muscle. I like it. Let's go.

Details of the new (but not the old) will follow as they reveal themselves. But for now, I'm no longer in that band and looking forward to exploring something new after a few weeks of reorganizing my thoughts. I appreciate the support that a whole bunch of you have given us while I've been in Mondo, from buying merch to coming out to see us play. You rock. I will again too.

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