Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mondo Topless

I'm not going to use this blog principally as a band-promotion site, but I will post tour diaries, etc. Anything else you need to know about Mondo Topless is here.

As for my role in the band, let's just say that I'm having a blast. Loud, fast rock and roll has always been my thing, but, in the years just prior to 2008, I had been in a roots-rock band in Philly called Naked Omaha that, while a perfectly solid roots band, was not lighting my loud/fast musical fire any longer by the summer of 2008. And I got lucky...I had seen Mondo open for the Dirtbombs in April '08 and was blown away by their energy, but I had no idea they were looking for a drummer. I quit the old band in July '08, and placed a Craigslist ad looking to start a garage-rock band, and damn it if Sam didn't answer it. A smash-and-bash August '08 tryout, and I was in.

It's been a fun ride ever since. These guys are all ace musicians. And the new covers album (Freaking Out) gives you a good idea of where we're at these days. But we also make sure the back-catalog (i.e., pre-me) songs are alive and well. We've made a real effort to learn a hell of a lot of songs with me on drums. Right now we're at 50 or so that we can play any night, and we really value a solid rotation of songs through the setlists. Keeps the boredom away, y'know.

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