Sunday, November 6, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 29

29 days

Other than waking up to a kitchen full of amazing smells from a four-pound lamb roast that cooked overnight in the crockpot in coconut milk and red curry paste, today was not a day full of excitement. It was more of a getting-stuff-done kind of day. I was going to wake up and do some lifting in the garage gym, but then realized that the pile of mulch that I had to move from one side of the yard to another was looking like a enough of a workout, and I opted just to do that. Later, I listened to the radio broadcast while my beloved Oakland Raiders (been following this team since 1969, so stuff a sock in it) turned a 24-14 lead into a 38-24 loss. Ouch.

Food? Glad you asked. It was much better than yardwork and a horrible football game.

Breakfast: blueberries in coconut milk. I am seriously going to use this pre-workout this week and see how that goes. Then eggs, bacon, and broccoli, plus black coffee.

Lunch: some that amazing lamb roast over greens.

Some cheese, grassfed.

Dinner: more of the amazing lamb, plus asparagus.

Three of us killed a four-pound lamb roast today with ease.

Even weirder....I only had one cup of coffee.

I am about to cook some ground beef and veggies so we have lunch tomorrow.

You 30. Not that I'm counting.

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