Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food ideas

Eating this way, and listening to all the many cool podcasts out there (Robb Wolf, Balanced Bites, etc.) has me on a constant search to add more awesome foods to my life in more incredible combinations.

So yesterday, I finally threw some coconut milk into a blender with some frozen blueberries and frozen peaches. It was amazing (although go easy on the coconut milk at first, folks, or you could find yourself with a bit of intestinal distress....the medium-chain fatty acids in there are wonderful for you, but they take just a little getting used to for some people). I cook with coconut milk all the time, but this is the first time I used it in another context.

But.... I find cleaning out a blender to be a pain in the ass, so what's the lazier way to do this?

How about just heating up the frozen fruit in the microwave and then pouring some coconut milk over it?

Tried it this is equally amazing. I am thinking this may become part of the pre-workout ritual. I will try it tomorrow and report back.

Idea #2: bone broth. I keep reading about the benefits of it. It's loaded with beneficial minerals. So I went searching for a paleo bone-broth recipe and stumbled on this one from Balanced Bites.

It even uses a crockpot. Nice. All I have to do now is figure out a way to freeze/store it so it is easily accessible in small servings. I am thinking a pile of ice-cube trays?

Hell, I even have packages from Philly Cowshare in our fridge labeled "soup bones." This is going to be easy, once I buy more ice-cube trays, that is.

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  1. Justin has coconut milk over fruit almost every day! its like a bowl of delicious cereal. And we freeze our bone broth in quart ziplock bags. We defrost and use it to cook all of our veggies and/or make a soup every few weeks. I can speak to the powers of a good, hearty bone broth. I was feeling really sick on Thursday (sore throat, over heating, general blah), and I defrosted some of the bone broth that we made from the pig's bones from our Pig Roast in the summer. It was gelatinous at room temp (thats how to you know its chock full of nutrients!). I boiled it with veggies and pork and made a soup out of it. I ate two huge bowls of the soup for lunch, and I felt 100% better the next day. I've never recovered that quickly!

  2. Very cool. I am thinking of using the ice-cube trays because I think I may just drink a shot or two of it every day like tea. I just keep reading about all the beneficial nutrients in there and it seems like a great way to get minerals without supplementation.