Sunday, October 16, 2011

Primal eating challenge, day 8

One of the things I love about eating this way is that you can eat a *lot* of food. If you stick with real food, no grains, etc., it is really tough to gain weight. This was the first day of the challenge that I didn't really snack at all, and didn't need to -- because I ate so damn much food at mealtime.

I won't call it anything as formal as "breakfast" because it was not formal at all, but in my first hour of being awake today I ate: a blueberry Larabar, a piece of that Wegmans black-pepper salami that we started in on last night, a bowl full of heated-up blueberries and plantains (cooked last night in a pan with grassfed butter and cinnamon), three-eggs/bacon/broccoli/asparagus/guacamole done all together in a skillet in a way that would make your typical Denny's weep in envy, and coffee with heavy cream. *That*, my friends, is quality eating. And it was just the first meal of the day.

Lunch: a big bowl full of the liver/beef/veggies mix from the other night, topped with a dollop of guacamole.

Played volleyball all afternoon at our place and then fed all the players with salad and sausages and sausages and sausages. I think I ate six of e'em: one chorizo, two sweet Italian, three hot Italian. Afterwards I feasted on some frozen peaches and cherries from Wegmans heated up with plantains and topped with just a bit of heavy cream. Amazing.

One other interesting fact from today: only one cup of coffee. I can't tell you the last time *that* happened. The power of primal living and a day of volleyball? Could be. Could be.

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