Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- "Higgs Boson Blues" live in London

The new album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- Push the Sky Away -- is understated and brilliant. It rarely goes near the crazed-shaman/preacher ravings that made the two Grinderman records (and much of Nick's early career) so satisfyingly over-the-top in the psycho-bluesiness department. But, lord oh lord, this record rises and falls and grooves and, yes, even thunders, in its own way, and never better than on this song, "Higgs Boson Blues." Here's a live version from a recent gig in London. Enjoy the slow burn.... and, yeah, that Pitchfork review nailed it perfectly: this is "On the Beach" version 2013.

"And you're the best girl I ever had...."


  1. Heh. He lives round the corner from me - I queued up behind him in the Co-op the other weekend. Leather trousers on a Saturday morning (him, not me.).

  2. Somehow the leather-pants thing doesn't surprise me at all. I'd almost be disappointed if he broke character even for a Saturday morning at the co-op.