Monday, February 20, 2012

This little appliance can simplify the paleo kitchen

I find that whatever makes life simpler is usually better. The one thing the whole conversion to paleo/primal eating has done in the area of *non*-simplification is to increase the amount of time I am in the kitchen. Generally, I don't mind; I like to cook. In fact, most of the time I love it. But sometimes you just want a break.

That break used to be called "pizza night."

So, I get all kinds of excited whenever I run across a shortcut that fits the paleo way. My latest discovery is the Krups egg cooker.

And no, I am not being paid to shill for Krups. There are other companies out there that make these things too. I just happen to own this one because it is the one I was turned onto during a trip last year to Germany. Our gracious hosts in Deutschland happened to use theirs as the *only* way to boil eggs and have them come out perfect every time.

I bought one not long after we got back. It's amazing. No, boiling eggs is not the biggest pain in the ass in the world, but this thing is just too simple. You pierce each egg, with a little piercer thingy, so they don't explode, and then, after putting in the proper amount of water -- which varies depending on whether you want them soft, medium or hard-boiled, as well as on the number of eggs -- you turn it on. A few minutes later, it buzzes at you; you turn it off.

That's it. Perfect every time. And you can generally find it online for about $25. We love it.

Ok, our golden retriever hates the buzzing noise when it finishes, but the people around here are loving this thing. I am pretty consistently keeping a supply of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge at all times. Breakfast still often involves omelets or scrambled eggs of every conceivable variation, but, if time is pressed, I reach into the HBE stash and dig in.

Simplify, simplify.

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