Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey paleo/primal people, giving blood is good for you

There are lots of good reasons to give blood, many of which are related to helping others, but here's one that doesn't have a shred of altruism in it at all -- it could save *your* life.

Giving blood helps your body get rid of iron.

Excess iron is linked to heart disease and cancer. Women of childbearing age have the, er, advantage of shedding iron through menstruation, but men and menopausal women don't. So, my paleo/primal pals, regular blood donation every two months could not only help other people; it could keep you on the planet a little longer too. Many of us eat a sizable amount of meat as part of this way of life, and even if you are doing things as best as possible and going for pastured/grassfed sources of animal protein, you may be still building up a lot of iron. Blood donation is a simple way to get rid of some of the excess, while retaining all the benefits of this amazing lifestyle *and* giving something back to your community. Do it.

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