Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Guilty" musical pleasures, and the unbearable shallowness of (my) being

A while ago, my friend Kat got me way into the L.A. band Warpaint. I dig their melding of a mostly chill trip-hop vibe with something a lot more Siouxsie and the Banshees than I'm used to hearing these days. Kat also told me I'd love the drummer.

Seriously, I love the drummer. She's got groove and feel and dynamics.

I'm used to Warpaint sounding like this:

And this:

So I was a little taken aback when their new song -- entitled "New Song" -- came out recently. It's "just" a pop song -- a really disco-y pop song.

I was slightly embarrassed to admit that I love it.

I might actually have been more than slightly embarrassed.

I don't really believe in the "guilty" part of musical "guilty pleasures." I like what I like. I refuse to actually feel guilty.

But I guess occasionally, when I get caught up in the hook-filled chorus of a slick pop song that's way more disco than punk rock, I still get a little sheepish. I mean, dude, really....

Or I did. And then I parked my car in Philly today while "New Song" was playing. I didn't think I had it on very loud. I never think I have anything on very loud. Especially when the windows are up.

I had it on pretty loud. Even with the windows up. I was digging it.

I got out and a very attractive not-even-remotely-my-ancient-age woman was standing in a nearby doorway, smoking a cigarette. She caught my eye and said, "Were you just listening to Warpaint?"

"Uhhhh, yeah. That new song is insanely catchy <pause> even though it's basically a disco song."

"Dude. Totally. I love it too. They're the best. Have a great day!" She smiled, stubbed out her smoke and went back inside the store where she'd been.

Well, if she likes it with not a hint of embarrassment....

Sigh. I strive to be a nice guy, but, yeah, I am such a goddamn shallow male.

Turn it up.

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